Sunday, May 22, 2011


What is this? The battle of Wolf 359? Looks like it, but no - it's the whole collection of small-scale AMT Enterprises, more or less finished and hung from an upside-down base from a larger Enterprise-E kit. These have been hanging around the workbench for a very long time, getting in the way, getting broken, getting dusty, and generally getting nowhere. I still intend to build a somewhat more formal base for them, but this morning I decided to just hang them up for now so they'd stop accumulating unnecessary wear and tear. And, perhaps more important, so they'd be out of the dang way so I could work on something else.

Another problem child. This is the Revell 1/72nd scale DH.2. It's actually a fun kit to build, its rather spindly appearance notwithstanding, and other than the dreadful Lewis machine gun, it's actually pretty nicely detailed as three-buck Revell kits go. Don't get me wrong, this is no Roden kit, let alone a Wingnut Wings offering, but considering what you pay, it isn't bad. Unfortunately, I misplaced its decals. I'd confess that I lost them, but it seems that in the 21st Century, we aren't required to take responsibility for any mistakes we make, so I'm going to insist that society stole my decals. For a while I was going to apply a set of Belgian roundels to it, simply because I had them, but they were a bit too large, and I dithered, and the kit went nowhere for a long, long time.

Then I bought a Gloster Gladiator, which just happened to have spare RAF roundels that would work. HUZZAH!

So there it is - done enough that I can say it's done so I can finally work on something else. Like the 2001 Moonbus, which calls to me.